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Yisrael Kessar

(1931 - )

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Yisrael Kessar was born in Yemen in 1931 and immigrated to Israel in 1933.

Kessar, an economist and a sociologist, holds an M.A. degree from Tel-Aviv University. He has served in the Histadrut (General Federation of Labour) since 1966 in many positions. He was Chairman of the Manpower Department and the Youth and Sports Department (1966-71), Treasurer (1973-77), Chairman of the Trade Union Department and Deputy Secretary-General (1977-84), Secretary-General (1984-92). Kessar's full cooperation with the government, as Secretary-General of the Histadrut, in the implementation of a emergency stabilization plan for the economy in 1985 was an important factor in the plan's success.

Kessar was elected a Member of the Knesset in 1984.

From 1992-1996 he served as Minister of Transport. He has since retired from public life.

Sources: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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