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Yehoshua Kenaz

(1937 - )

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Yehoshua Kenaz is an Israeli novelist.

Kenaz was born Yehoshua Glass in Petah Tikva during the British Mandate over Palestine. After he was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces, serving int he Intelligence Corps, he changed his last name to Kenaz, after Othniel Ben Kenaz.

Kenaz studied Philosophy and Romance Languages at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and French literature at the Sorbonne. A translator of French classics into Hebrew, he has worked on the editorial staff of the Ha'aretz newspaper.

Kenaz, who currently lives in Tel Aviv, was awarded the 1995 Bialik Prize.

Sources: Copyright The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature. Reprinted by kind permission of The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, Ramat Gan Israel. The Institute web site contains biographies of 300 Israeli authors. Photograph by Uzi Keren.

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