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Miriam Ben-Porat

(1918 - 2012)

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Miriam Ben-Porat was an Israeli jurist and the first female appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court. She also served as State Comptroller of Israel.

Ben-Porat (born January 18, 1918; died July 26, 2012) was born in Russia (now Belarus). She immigrated to Israel in 1936 and studied law in Jerusalem, graduating in 1945.

1948-53 Served in State Attorney's office

1953-58 Deputy State Attorney

1958-75 Judge of District Court, Jerusalem

1964-78 Associate Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1975-76 President of District Court, Jerusalem

1976-83 Supreme Court Justice

1983-88 Deputy President of the Supreme Court

1988-98 State Comptroller and Public Complaints Commissioner

1991 Awarded Israel Prize for her special contribution to the society and state

Miriam Ben-Porat is the author of commentaries on the laws of assignments and contracts and articles in the Israel Law Review and various other professional journals. She has been awarded several prizes for her achievements as a Supreme Court justice and State Comptroller.

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