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Hisham Abdalraziq

(1953 - )

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Born in 1953 in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. He is married with five children.

A member of the Fatah party, Mr. Abdalraziq was elected to the PLC in 1996 representing the Jabalya District. He was imprisoned by Israel for 21 years for political activism and was released in 1994. Upon his release, he became a member of the Higher Committee of Fatah in Gaza and was later appointed Minister of Prisoner Affairs in 1998. He was nominated as the Minister of Prisoner Affairs in the new Palestinian Authority Cabinet. He is a memeber of Fatah.

Mr. Abdalraziq holds a B.A. in the Israeli Political System (Al-Quds University).

While in prison, Mr. Abdalraziq wrote two poetry collections and a novel.

Sources: Palestine Media Center

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