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Joseph Wirmer

(1901 - 1944)

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Joseph Wirmer was born on March 19, 1901. He was a lawyer, politician and a member of the Centre Party.

Wirmer was a political opponent of the Nazi regime from the start and frequent legal adviser to persecuted Jews. Because of this, he was expelled from lawyers syndicate.

After 1936, Wirmer worked hard to forge ties between the conservative and liberal circles of the resistance. Wirmer's residence was one of the most important meeting points for anti-Nazi dissidents and conspirators such as Wilhelm Leuschner, Dr. Carl Goerdeler, and those of the Abwehr.

On August 4, 1944, Wirmer was arested and imprisoned in Ravensbruck concentration camp. On September 8, he was sentenced to death and executed the same day in Plotzensee prison.

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