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Rozka Korczak-Marla

(1921 - 1988)

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Born in Bielsko. Fighter in the underground partisan organization. Until World War II she lived in Plock and when the war broke out she moved to Vilna. Korczak-Marla joined the "Hashomer Hatzair" youth movement leadership there, beside Abba Kovner and Vitka Kempner. After the destruction of the ghetto and the murder of 40,000 Jews, she became an active participant in the youth movement's meetings, and joined Abba Kovner's idea of defense by weapons inside the Ghetto. In the same meeting was decided to call to armed organization. Thereafter, in January 1, 1942, was published "The First Declaration" composed by Kovner. Korczak-Marla was also active in the "United Partisans Organization". After its commander — Itzhak Wittenberg — was caught, she joined the fighters who decided to leave the Ghetto to act in the woods.

In July 1944, Korczak-Marla returned to the freed Vilna and was sent to Israel via Romania. In December 12, 1944, she arrived in Israel and joined kibbutz Eilon. Immediately she reported to the Jewish – Israeli leadership a complete report about the Holocaust horrors and about the Jewish resistance movement.

Korczak-Marla settled in kibbutz Ein Hahoresh with a group of partisans.

After the war she was engage in educational projects in the "Kibbutz-Artzi" movement and in her own kibbutz.

Korczak-Marla was one of MORESHET's founders. Together with Abba Kovner she founded the Learning and Research Center of the Holocaust in Givat Haviva to promote Holocaust education.

In 1964 her biography - "Flames in Ashes" - was published (still only in Hebrew).

Sources: Moreshet Mordechai Anilevich Memorial

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