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Meir Nakar

(1926 - 1947)

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Meir Nakar was born in Jerusalem on July 26, 1926, to a poor family of Iraqi origin. At the age of 12, he left his studies to help support his family, and a year later he joined Betar.

At the age of 17 he enlisted in the British army, after forging his birth certificate.

On demobilization, in 1946, he became a member of the Irgun. At first he was active in recruitment and propaganda work, and then moved to the Fighting Force. He took part in several operations, sometimes with Avshalom Haviv, his commander in their final operation, the Acre prison-break (May 4, 1947). He was captured (together with two of his comrades: Avshalom Haviv and Yaakov Weiss) by the British. The three Irgun fighters were tried and sentenced to death. On July 29, 1947 Meir Nakar was hanged at the Acre jail, together with Haviv and Weiss. He was 21 when he went to the gallows.

Sources: The Irgun Site

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