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Hanns Ludin

(1905 - 1947)

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Hanns Ludin was a German diplomat.

Born in Freiburg, Ludin began his Nazi affiliation in 1930 by joining the party, and was arrested for his political activities the same year. Imprisoned until 1931, he joined the SA on his release.

Ludin was lucky to survive the "Night of the Long Knives" in 1934 when Hitler purged much of the left-wing of the Nazi party. He restored his reputation by joining the Foreign Office and became Ambassador to Slovakia in 1941, replacing Manfred von Killinger.

Ludin's activities included convincing the Slovakian government to comply with deportations for slave labor and providing diplomatic cover to such activities. In 1943, he was promoted to SA-Obergruppenfuehrer.

Ludin was arrested after the war and extradited to Czechoslovakia, where he was tried with SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Hermann Höfle. He was sentenced to death and was executed on December 9, 1947.

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