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Lew Tendler

(1898 - 1970)

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Lefty Lew Tendler was dubbed “the greatest southpaw in ring history” by The Ring Magazine’s editor Nat Fleischer. Unfortunately, as great a fighter as he was, Tendler never won a championship. As a child in Philadelphia, he worked as a paperboy, and had to fight to protect his territory. A brilliant lightweight and welterweight, Tendler made just one career mistake: fighting in the same era as the legendary Benny Leonard. Most experts agree that Tendler would have been lightweight champion in any era but Leonard's. Though Tendler beat Leonard by points, the State of New Jersey had a “no-decision law” that meant a champion could only lose his title by a knockout. Tendler was denied a championship. He is a member of four halls of fame: the Boxing Hall of Fame, the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

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