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Theodor Kordt

(1893 - 1962)

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Theodor Kordt was a lawyer and career diplomat. He entered the foreign service in 1923.

In 1938-39, he succeeded Joachim von Ribbentrop as German Ambassador in London.

Attempted with his brother, Erich Kordt, who served as diplomatic charge d'affaires, to persuade the British government to end the policy of appeasement and actively confront Hitler over the Czech-Sudetenland crisis.

Kordt informed British officials of Hitler's desire to go to war but Whitehall would not shift its policy.

In 1939, Kordt volunteered to assassinate Hitler and smuggled a gun into the Chancellery. But on the planned occasion, Hitler cancelled his appointment with Kordt.

He later served as Ambassador to Switzerland and tried to establish contact with the Allies.

After the war, from 1953-58, Kordt served as Ambassador to Greece for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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