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Salim Joubran

(1947 - )

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Salim Jubran was born in Haifa to a Christian Arab family with roots among the Maronites in Lebanon. The family subsequently moved to Acre.

He received a bachelor's degree in law from Hebrew University and went into private practice as a lawyer in 1970, and continued in this position for 12 years, before moving over to the other side of the bench. At 35, he was appointed a Haifa Magistrate's Court judge; and in 1993, he was promoted to the city's district court, where he served for 10 years before his temporary appointment to the Supreme Court bench. Jubran's expertise lies in the field of criminal law, and he is known for his tough stand on sex and drug-related crimes. In May 2004, Salim Jubran was selected as the first Arab to hold a permanent appointment as a Supreme Court Justice.

Sources: Haaretz, (May 7, 2004)

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