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Jeffrey Lurie

(1951 - )

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Jeffrey Lurie (b. September 8, 1951, Boston, Massachusetts) is a former Hollywood producer turned NFL team owner. Lurie bought the Philadelphia Eagles on May 6, 1994 from then owner Norman Braman for $195 million. The club is now estimated to be worth $1.024 billion, as valuated in 2006 by Forbes.

Since becoming owner of the Eagles, Lurie has been named NFL “Owner of the Year” by The Sporting News in 1995 and by Pro Football Insider in 2000. He is also responsible for helping push through the deal to build a new, $512 million, 68,500-seat football stadium, now called Lincoln Financial Field. Lurie currently is a member of eight different NFL committees, making him one of the most active owners.

Before purchasing the Eagles, Lurie served as the president and chief executive officer of Chestnut Hill Productions, a Los Angeles-based film company, which he founded in 1985. His corporation did not make any blockbuster hits, but became successful supervising production of films made by much larger companies. The company also produces television commercials.

Prior to entering business, Lurie served as an adjunct assistant professor of social policy at Boston University. Lurie earned a B.A. from Clark University, a Master’s degree in psychology from Boston University and a Ph.D in social policy from Brandeis University.

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