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Nathan Shimshon

(1916 - ?)

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Nathan Shimshon, born Nico Germant, was born in 1916 in China and immigrated to Eretz Israel as a Betarist in 1936, and joined the Betar labor company.

In the 1936-39 Arabs riots fought as an Irgun member against rioters. He also took part in bringing the illegal Af-Al-Pi immigrants to shore.

Germant took part in Irgun actions against the British, was arrested in 1944 and sent into exile in Africa. In March 1948 hesucceeded, with several comrades, in escaping from the detention camp in Kenya and, a week later, reached Paris.

He returned to Israel aboard the Altalena on June 20, 1948. He moved to Jerusalem and was appointed commander of the Irgun battalion in the city.

Sources: The Irgun Site

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