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Fakhri Nashashibi

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It was worth noting at the outset that after 1936, a rift happened between Raghib al-Nashashibi and Fakhri. This rift was not visible. In the ranks of "opposition", there were two, sharp-witted and intelligent persons: As'ad al-Shuqairi and Fakhri al-Nashashibi. However, the two of them did not see eye to eye on all matters, sometimes, they seemed poles apart. Fakhri was a dynamic force. He made it a point to intercede on behalf of the people with the various government departments and officials. To Fakhri "homeland" meant his own interest only. On this point the opposition leaders differed with him. One of the ill-fated and miscalculated adventures of Fakhri was the issue of the faked letters he concoted on behalf of Prince Shakib Arsalan. With the outbreaks of WWII , Fakhri glimpsed another opportunity for a new adventure that ended him up in Baghdad where he was assassinated.

Sources: PASSIA

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