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Sonya Chervonsky

(1983 - )

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Sonya Chervonsky was born June 15, 1983, in Moscow, Russia.

Chernovsky was introduced to judo at the age of 15 — six years later, she is one of the best judoists in the world. The Australian national junior champion in 2001 and 2002, she captured the 2004 Oceania Championship in the 48-kg class.

Chenovsky competed in the 48-kg event at the 2004 Athens Olympics. The Aussie lost both matches in the round of 32 in the Athens Games on August 14, 2004. She was defeated by Frederique Jossinet of France in the first match. Jossinet managed two Waza-ari's against Chenovsky, who put up a good fight. Sonya was beaten more decisively in the second match by Tatiana Moskvina of Belarus. She lost by an Ippon one minute into the contest.

Sources: Jews In Sports

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