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Charley Goldman

(1887 - 1968)

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Charley Goldman was a famed boxing trainer who trained five world champions. Goldman's most famous pupil was the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Marciano. Though a boxer once himself, he gained more fame and success from his work as a trainer.

When Goldman first met Marciano, the fighter was an inexperienced, short, stoop shouldered, balding, clumsy heavyweight, with inordinately short arms. In addition, Marciano was starting late in the professional ranks, and was light for a heavyweight. Nevertheless, Goldman began to work with Marciano. Goldman believed that a trainer should not interfere with a fighter's natural style, but rather refine and improve it. Accordingly, he did not try to turn him into a slick jabbing boxer. He also sought to turn Marciano's shortcomings into advantages. By having him stoop low, Goldman made the already low target offered by Marciano that much harder to hit. Goldman can be credited in helping make Marciano into a world champion, and for that he will forever remain in boxing history.

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