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Vitaliy Valerievich Ceshkovskiy

(1944 - )

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Vitaliy Valerievich Ceshkovskiy was a Jewish Russian international chess grand master.

Born in 1944 in the former Soviet Union, Ceshkovskiy's first major success in chess came during the 1960 Olympiad when he took first place playing on the USSR team as an extra.

His career was furthered as he played in nine USSR championships from 1968-87, in which he experienced a variety of results. He was the Champion of the Federation of the United Republics of Russia in 1972-73. His international victories include Bucharest (1974), Leipzig (1975), Dubna (1976), Benja Luka (1981), Sochi (1981), and Minsk (1982).Ceshkovskiy won the 1986 USSR championship, and shared the title with Tal in 1978. He achieved the rank of International Grand Master in 1975.

It has been remarked that Ceshkovskiy leaned toward a more complex position in chess, and enjoyed a game with an uncertain outcome. He was also considered an uncompromising opponent.

Sources: Jews in Sports

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