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Benno von Arent

(1898 - 1956)

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Benno von Arent was a member of the German Nazi party and SS, responsible for art, theatres, movies etc.

Von Arent was born in Görlitz on July 19 1898, and became a stage designer. He joined the SS in 1931 and the NSDAP in 1932. The same year, he was one of the founders of the "Bund nationalsozialistischer Bühnen- und Filmkünstler" ("Union of national-socialist stage and movie artists"), which was renamed "Kameradschaft deutscher Künstler" ("fellowship of German artists") after Hitler's rise to power in 1933. Von Arent was appointed "Reichsbühnenbildner" ("Reich stage designer") in 1936 and "Reichsbeauftragter für die Mode" ("Reich agent for fashion") in 1939. In 1944, he was given the rank of SS-Oberführer.

Von Arent died in Bonn on October 14 1956.

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