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Harry Truman Administration:
Statement to Leaders of the Jewish Agency for Palestine

(July 2, 1945)

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IN VIEW of the urgency of various problems relating to the displaced Jews in Europe and Palestine, I am appointing under the chairmanship of the Secretary of State a Cabinet Committee on Palestine and Related Problems, composed of the Secretaries of State, War and Treasury. The Committee will be charged with assisting me in formulating and implementing such policy with regard to Palestine and related problems as may be adopted by this Government. An executive order will be issued outlining the functions and authority of the Committee in further detail.

The Committee will be authorized to negotiate with the British Government and with other foreign governments and to maintain contact with private organizations relative to the various matters arising out of the recommendations of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry.

It is my earnest hope that the Cabinet Committee will be able to undertake its urgent tasks at the earliest possible moment.

Sources: Public Papers of the President

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