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Herbert Hoover Administration:
Statement on Safety of American Citizens in Palestine

(August 27, 1929)

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From the President's news conference at the White House referring to the Arab riots in Palestine:

THE PRESIDENT. I have a question about the disturbance in Palestine.1 We are naturally very much concerned for the safety of our citizens there. I am advised that the British Government has taken very strong and extensive measures for the restoration of order, and I am in hopes that we will have no more loss of life.

1 Arab-Jewish hostilities broke out in Jerusalem on August 23, 1929, and spread to Hebron and elsewhere. On August 25, the United States Consul General reported casualty estimates of 100 killed and 300 wounded, including 12 Americans dead and others wounded at Hebron. The British sent troops by air and rail, as well as a battleship and aircraft carrier.

Sources: Public Papers of the Presidents

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