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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration:
Comments on the Jewish Refugees

(November 5, 1938)

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Excerpts from the Press Conference:

Q. There are reports from London that Mr. Kennedy has made a suggestion to the British Government concerning a place wherein the Jewish refugees would be taken care of.

THE PRESIDENT: I cannot comment on the report, because I know nothing of what has been happening in London. We do know that the Intergovernmental Committee on refugees is at work trying to extend its help to take care of an increasingly difficult situation.

Q. Mr. President, can you tell us whether you feel that there is any place in the world where you could take care of mass emigration of the Jews from Germany-have you given thought to that?

THE PRESIDENT: I have given a great deal of thought to it.

Q. Can you tell us any place particularly desirable?

THE PRESIDENT: No, the time is not ripe for that.

Q. Have there been any comments or protests made

Sources: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

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