President Bush Signs Defense Bill with $450 Million Dollars for Projects with Israel

(November 13, 2007)

On November 13, 2007, President Bush signed into law a defense appropriations bill that contains $450 million dollars for spending on cooperative military programs with Israel. The money appropriated in this bill is separate from the $2.4 billion dollars in military assistance the United States provides Israel.

The military cooperation projects between Israel and the United States have yielded a number of military technologies that have helped the U.S. significantly in Iraq and Afghanistan. One such technology is the Hunter UAV, the unmanned aircraft deployed by the U.S. military to gather intelligence. The cooperative program is also responsible for the development of the Litening sensor system used by American pilots to identify ground targets and fly at night and in poor conditions. Reactive armor tiles, developed by Israel, have been placed on U.S. armored personnel carriers and are responsible for saving the lives of 800 American soldiers in Iraq. The joint program created the Arrow missile defense shield, currently deployed in Israel. The program has also produced a new emergency bandage that enables combat medics to dress a wound while simultaneously stopping the bleeding. Finally, the joint military programs funded by this bill have allowed all branches of the U.S. and Israeli armed services to train together to better combat terrorism.

Sources: JTA, (November 14, 2007); AIPAC