Congress Approves Joint U.S.-Military Programs for FY2005

(October 2004)

In a display of the importance of strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel, both the House and the Senate authorized more than $300 million for joint U.S.-Israeli military programs. The fiscal year 2005 Defense Authorization Act approves $155.3 million for the Arrow missile defense program, $47.2 million for the Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser, which uses lasers to hit incoming rockets, $17.5 million for Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles — panels attached to military vehicles that explode outward on impact, protecting soldiers — as well as a number of other joint U.S.-Israeli programs. Additionally, Congress provided $60.2 million for the Counter-Terrorism Technical Support Working Group, which facilitates cooperation between the two nations in fighting terror. The bill now goes to the president, who is expected to sign it soon.

Source: Near East Report, (October 25, 2004)