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U.S. Presidents & Israel:
Pictures of President Bill Clinton with Israeli Leaders

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President Bill Clinton and Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin
(White House, May 9, 1995)
L-R: Jordan's King Hussein, Israeli PM Rabin, US President Clinton, PLO Head Arafat and Egyptian President Mubarak.
(White House, September 28, 1995)

President Bill Clinton greets P.M. Ehud Barak
(White House, April 11, 2000)
P.M. Ehud Barak with President Clinton
(Camp David, July 11, 2000)

Arafat        Arafat
President Bill Clinton, P.M. Ehud Barak and P.A. Chairman Yasser Arafat
(Camp David, July 11, 2000)

P.M. Netanyahu with President Clinton

Sources: Photos courtesy of the National Photo Collection

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