Congress Approves FY2010 Aid to Israel

(December 20, 2009)

On December 20, 2009, the Senate passed the annual foreign aid bill for fiscal year 2010, which includes $2.22 billion in security assistance to Israel. The aid, approved the week prior by the House of Representatives, was included in a larger spending bill funding major parts of the federal government. The legislation has been sent to President Obama for his signature. The aid, when combined with $555 million approved in an earlier bill, brings the total amount of aid to Israel in fiscal year 2010 to $2.775 billion - a $225 million increase from last year. Congress has now fully funded the second year of the 10-year U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding signed by the United States and Israel in 2007 to gradually increase U.S. security assistance to the Jewish state in order to meet increasing threats.

Source: AIPAC