Toys “R” Us

(1948- )

Toys “R” Us is a toy store chain based in the United States and operating around the world. There are 587 Toys “R” Us stores in the U.S. and nearly 600 stores are operating in 29 other countries, some of them under franchises or licenses. The flagship store is in New York City's Times Square. It is the largest toy store in the United States, featuring a colorful Ferris wheel. Charles Lazarus, a Jewish-American initially started Toys “R” Us in Washington, DC during the post-war baby boom era in 1948 as a baby furniture retailer known as “Children’s Supermart” and later “Children's Bargain Town USA”. Lazarus began receiving requests from customers for baby toys. Now privately owned, Toys “R” Us also incorporates Kids “R” Us and Babies “R” Us.

Source: Wikipedia, Toys “R” Us Website