Major Joint U.S.-Israel Defense Programs

· The Arrow Missile — A highly advanced missile defense program, designed to defend against Scud-type missiles aimed at Israel or U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. Information gained in the testing of the Arrow is used by the U.S. in development of complementary missile defense systems and has saved the U.S. millions of dollars in development costs, according to Pentagon officials.

· The Tactical High Energy Laser — A ground-based advanced laser designed to defend against short-range attacks. High-energy lasers may be effective against tactical rockets, cruise missiles, and other aerial threats.

· Boost Phase Intercept — Unlike the Arrow and most other ballistic missile defense systems, which intercept SCUD­type missiles as they approach their target, this system would intercept enemy missiles just after launch, when they are most vulnerable. The U.S. and Israel are currently conducting a joint effort to develop BPI technology.

· Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — Israel is the world leader in the development and production of these remote-controlled aircraft, which make in­depth surveillance possible without endangering lives. After tremendously successful performances in the Gulf War, Somalia, and Bosnia, the Department of Defense has purchased more Israeli-designed Pioneer UAVs.

· Precision-Guided Munitions — The U.S. Air Force now has a small supply of Israeli-designed Have-Nap missiles. The Have-Nap is a long-distance, highly accurate, air-to-ground weapon.

· Reactive Armor — Two U.S. Army battalions of Bradley Fighting Vehicles will soon be equipped with Israeli-designed reactive armor. This armor, which contains small explosives, reacts to incoming projectiles by exploding outward and destroying them.

Source: American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)