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John F. Kennedy Administration:
Kennedy Angered Over Letters To Arab Leaders

(June 10, 1961)

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In this memorandum President Kennedy demands to know who suggested to him to send letters to Arab leaders, since the result was not a positive one.

I want a report from the State Department, I asked Secretary Rusk about this, on whose idea it was for me to send the letters to the Middle Eastern Arab leaders./2/ The reaction has been so sour I would like to know whose idea it was, what they hoped to accomplish and what they think we have now accomplished.

/2/See Document 42.


Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Country Series, Palestine, Refugees, Vol. I, 4/61-11/61. No classification marking.

Sources: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963: Near East, 1962-1963, V. XVIII. DC: GPO, 2000.

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