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Jimmy Carter Administration:
Statement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation With Egypt and Israel

(September 29, 1980)

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To the Congress of the United States:

Pursuant to Section 8 of Public Law 96-35, I am pleased to transmit the report outlining plans for United States' participation and support of scientific and technological activities involving Egypt and Israel.

It is clear that science and technology have played an important role in strengthening U.S. bilateral cooperation with these countries. Recognizing this, my Administration fully supports the view that encouraging trilateral cooperation on activities of a scientific and technological nature can contribute much to building a permanent structure of peace in the Middle East. We will continue to support the development and strengthening of scientific and technological activities that enhance relations between the peoples of Egypt, Israel and the United States.

The White House,
September 29, 1980.

Sources: Public Papers of the President

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