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UN Security Council Resolutions:
Resolution 368

(April 17, 1975)

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The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 338 (1973) of 22 October, 340 (1973) of 25 October and 341 (1973) of 27 October 1973, 346 (1974) of 8 April and 362 (1974) of 23 October 1974,

Having considered the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Emergency Force (S/11670 and Corr.1 and 2),

Having noted the developments in the situation in the Middle East,

Expressing concern over the prevailing state of tension in the area,


(a) To call upon the parties concerned to implement immediately Security Council resolution 338 (1973);

(b) To renew the mandate of the United Nations Emergency Force for another period of three months, that is, until 24 July 1975;

(c) To request the Secretary-General to submit at the end of this period a report on the developments in the situation and the measures taken to implement resolution 338 (1973).

Sources: The United Nations

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