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UN General Assembly Resolutions:
Resolution 1123

(January 19, 1957)

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The General Assembly

Recalling its resolutions 997 (ES-I) of 2 November 1956, 998 (ES-I) and 999 (ES-I) of 4 November 1956, 1002 (ES-I) of 7 November 1956 and 1120 (XI) of 24 November 1956,

Noting the report of the Secretary-General of 15 January 1957,1/

1. Notes with regret and concern the failure of Israel to comply with the terms of the above-mentioned resolutions;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to continue his efforts for securing the complete withdrawal of Israel in pursuance of the above-mentioned resolutions, and to report on such completion to the General Assembly, within five days.


1/ Official Records of the General Assembly, Eleventh Session, Annexes, agenda item 66, documents A/3500 and Add.1.

Sources: The United Nations

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