Fatah Marks Anniversary with Controversial Poster

(January 2, 2007)

This year, Fatah will mark its 43rd anniversary as the organization for the national liberation of Palestine. Though its founders began organizing in 1954, it was not until January 3, 1965, that it carried out its first major operation, an attempt to sabotage Israel’s water system (which was thwarted by Israeli forces). Fatah leadership has approved the production of a poster for the event which has sparked controversy. The poster, designed by Abdel Mun’em Ibrahim, depicts Israel draped in a Palestinian keffiiyeh, provoking claims that Fatah’s true goal is a Palestinian state in all of Israel in spite of its stated goal of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The poster also seems to embrace the path of violent struggle, by depicting a loaded AK-47 assault rifle. Yasser Arafat, a founder of Fatah and its leader until his death in 2004 is also pictured in the poster. Critics of the poster claim that it promotes and glorifies violence against Israelis instead of supporting the stated goal of Mahmoud Abbas, the current leader of Fatah, of negotiating a two-state solution with Israel.

Source: Wikipedia; Jerusalem Post (December 23, 2007)