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Vatican-Israel Relations:
Church Leaders Call On People of Faith to Visit Holy Land

(November 15, 2004)

Vatican-Israel Relations: Table of Contents | Background & Overview | Christian Zionism

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The Vatican's representative in Israel, Msgr. Pietro Sambi, Custos of the Holy Land Fr. Pierre Battista Pizzaballa and other senior Church figures signed an historic proclamation in Jerusalem encouraging Christians around the world to visit the Holy Land on pilgrimage. Israeli Tourism and Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra participated in the event.

A call to all people of faith: Visit the Holy Land now!


We the undersigned proclaim our call to all people of faith;
Visit the Holy Land now!

We pledge to commit ourselves to promote pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where all people of faith will discover the footprint of God in history and in one's life.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is as safe as to other parts of the world.
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land constitutes bridges of peace amongst nations.
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land strengthens the diminished Christian community there.

Source: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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