Israel Receives New Sub

(July 1999)

Israel's newest submarine - the Dolphin - arrived at the Naval Base in Haifa in July 1999. The German-built Dolphin is the first of three similar $300 million submarines to be accepted by the Navy over the course of the coming year. Foreign experts say the submarine could be outfitted to give Israel a second-strike nuclear capability, helping Israel retaliate against nuclear attacks on the mainland.

The three Dolphin class submarines were built in German shipyards for the Israel Navy. Modern submarines with the most advanced sailing and combat systems in the world, they combine extensive sophistication with very easy operation. The purpose of these submarines is to enable the Israel Navy to meet all the tasks faced in the Mediterranean Sea in the 21st century. The crews of the submarines started training in 1994, and are participating in the building process as well as in the acceptance procedures for weapon systems.

Source: Arutz-7, Israel Defense Forces