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Six-Day War:
Graphics Salute IDF Heroism

by Yossi Stern

Six-Day War: Table of Contents | Background & Overview | Myths & Facts

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The following collection of drawings were made during the fierce battles that led to the capture of the Old City of Jerusalem and the regions of Judea & Samaria (the West Bank of the Jordan River). They are a salute to the heroism of the Israel Defense Forces and the citizens of Israel.

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  • Tomb of the Patriarch's (Hebron)
  • Mt. Moriah (Jerusalem)
  • The Western Wall (Jerusalem)
  • Rachel's Tomb (Bethlehem)
  • Return to Jerusalem After 2,000 Years
  • First Impressions in the Old City (Jerusalem)
  • Observation Post
  • To The Attack
  • On Guard in Jerusalem
  • Scouting
  • On Patrol
  • After the Battle

Sources: Blue and White Art Gallery. Reprinted by Permission.

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