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Israel Intelligence & Security:
PM Ben-Gurion Establishes the Mossad

(December 13, 1949)

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To: The Foreign Ministry

From: The Prime Minister

Upon my instructions, an institute is being established to co-ordinate state intelligence agencies (the Military Intelligence Department, the Foreign Ministry State Department, the General Security Agency, etc.)

I have charged Reuben Shiloah, Foreign Ministry adviser for special projects, to organize and head the institute. Reuben Shiloah will report to me. He will act upon my instructions and will submit regular working reports to me. For administrative purposes, his office will be part of the foreign ministry.

I have instructed R. Shiloah to submit a manpower and budget proposal for 1950-51 for approximately IL20,000, IL5,000 of which will be used for special operations, contingent on my prior authorization. You are hereby requested to add this sum to the foreign ministry budget for 1950-51.


D. Ben Gurion

Sources: The Mossad

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