In The Middle East, Israel Is The “Best Country to Live In”

(July 16, 2004)

The Human Development Index ranked Israel 22nd of the world's “best countries to live in.” Among Middle East countries, however, Israel was ranked highest, followed by Cyprus (30th), Bahrain (40th); Kuwait (44th); Qatar (47th); United Arab Emirates (49); Libya (58th); Oman (74th); Saudi Arabia (77th); Lebanon (80th); Jordan (90th); Tunisia (92nd); Palestinian territories (102nd); Syria (106th); Algeria (108th); Egypt (120th); Morocco (125th) and Yemen (149th).

Norway, Sweden, Austrailia, Canada and the Netherlands, in that order, ranked as the best five countries to live in. The United States was ranked eighth.

Source: The International Herald Tribune, (July 16, 2004)