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Museums in Israel:
Beit Miriam Museum

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The Beit Miriam Archaeological Museum overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and the location is perfect for the museum's subject.

Beit Miriam concentrates on exhibitions of ancient cultures that lived around the Mediterranean. The museum possesses a large collection of naval paraphernalia dating back to the beginning of written history.

The museum houses an impressive collection of coins, anchors, and other artifacts from ancient Byzantine and Hellenistic periods. All treasures were collected from the Mediterranean or from the shore and areas directly around it.

A large focus of Beit Miriam is the preservation of natural resources. The museum educates its visitors on recycling and preservation of the sea and its creatures. Beit Miriam emphasizes the responsibility of each individual to protect marine life.

Beit Miriam offers guided tours to nearby sites including archaeological digs and interesting seashore areas.

Visitors must schedule an appointment before visiting the museum. It is On Rt. 4311, near Rishon Le zion. There is an entrance fee.

Phone number: 972-3-9538281

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