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Museums in Israel:
The Western Wall Tunnels Museum

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As an effort to learn more about the Western Wall and the Second Temple period, archaeologists created the Western Wall tunnels directly following the Six Day War. The tunnels are built under current offices and buildings, and they allow visitors to glimpse at an ancient past that would otherwise be unavailable.

The tunnel tour takes visitors to the place that is closest to the Holy of Holies. In the First and Second Temple Periods, only the high priests were allowed to enter the Holy of Holies.

By visiting the Western Wall Tunnels, tourists are able to see parts of the ancient Temple Mount that have not been exposed for hundreds of years.

The Western Wall Tunnels are located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.
Hours of Admission: Tours only upon request.
There is an entrance fee.
Phone number: 972-2-6271333

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