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Israel Humanitarian Operations:
Flooding Relief Efforts in Burkina Faso

(Updated October 2009)

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Special aid was sent the week of October 4, 2009 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC Israel) to Burkina Faso.  The West African country is suffering from a severe humanitarian crisis, due to recent floods, and hundreds of thousands of people have become refugees in their own country.

The Ministry, through MASHAV – Israel's National Agency for International Cooperation – and in cooperation with JDC Israel, sent to the stricken country a shipment of tents, blankets, medicines and baby food.

Burkina Faso, which is a member of the Security Council, is one of Israel’s most loyal friends in Africa, as evidenced in international forums and institutions.

Israel frequently helps countries in crisis, sending aid and, if needed, experts in various fields.

Sources: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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