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Museums in Jerusalem:
The Burnt House

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The Burnt House is actually alleged to be the residence of the Bar Kathros, a wealthy family who resided in the Upper City during the Second Temple period. The Bar Kathros family is known for the incense they made for the Second Temple. The Upper City itself was known for its wealth, and it was destroyed in a second and separate burning by the Romans.

Although the family is labeled as “priestly” in the Talmud, there is evidence in ancient folksongs that the Bar Kathros were actually corrupt and oppressive. Regardless of public attitude towards the family, the Burnt House is preserved today with artifacts that survived the Roman siege.

While in the museum, a visitor can view a short film about the Roman invasion and life in the Second Temple period. Currently existing under modern Jerusalem buildings, the Burnt House is an excellent peek into the destruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem in 70 C.E.

The Burnt House is located at 2 Hakaraim Street, Jerusalem.
Hours of Admission: Sunday, 10am-5pm; Monday through Thursday, 9am-5pm; Friday, 9am-1pm.
There is an entrance fee of 8 Shekels.

Phone number: 972-2-6287211

Sources: Frommer's Israel

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