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Museums in Jerusalem:
Bloomfield Science Museum

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The Bloomfield Science Museum is hands-on, so it's perfect for children, families, and anyone who loves to experience science first-hand. The goal of the museum is to educate Israelis on the importance of nature, biology and technology.

Most of the exhibits themselves are interactive, which means that you learn while you touch, hear, and see. At the Bloomfield Science Museum, the importance of scientific and technological knowledge in our daily lives is given priority.

The museum is especially aimed at children and young adults. Science fairs and competitions are constantly held at the museum as a way to get students involved and excited about science. Competitions and special activities for students, families, and groups are constantly updated on the Bloomfield Science Museum website:

The Bloomfield Science Museum is located at the Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem.
Hours of admission are Monday through Thursday, 10am-6pm; Saturday, 10am-3pm.
There is an entrance fee.

Phone number: 972-2-6544888

Source: Bloomfield Science Museum

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