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Photographs of Israel:
Historic Ashdod, Ashkelon & Gaza

(1830's - 1940's)

Photographs of Israel: Table of Contents | Historic Jerusalem | Masada

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  • View of Gaza City (1839)
  • Ashkelon (1843)
  • Grand Mosque of Gaza (1880's)
  • Farmers Outside of Ashdod (1900's)
  • American Colony Group Camping at Ashkelon (1900's)
  • Gaza City (1900's)
  • General View of Ashdod (1910's)
  • Southern Gaza, from the West (1910's)
  • Disabled Tank in Gaza (1917)
  • Herbert Samuel Visits Ashkelon (1920)
  • Ruins of Ashkelon (1921)
  • British War Cemetery in Gaza (1925)
  • Mobile Ophthalmic Climic, Northeast Gaza (1939)
  • Typical Ashdod House (1940's)
  • Australian Carnival on Gaza Beach (1940's)
  • Muslim Celebrations in Gaza (1943)

Sources: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

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