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Museums in Jerusalem:
Armenian Museum

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The Armenian Museum in located in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. Currently, 1200 Armenians reside in Israel. The museum displays the history of the Armenians and is detailed in its descriptions of the Uratian rule, as well as the sweep of Christianity into Armenia.

The most powerful exhibit in the museum is the depiction of the Armenian genocide in Turkey during the years of World War I. The Armenian Museum contains vivid photographs of the 1,500,000-person massacre which was launched by Islamic Turks.

Finally, the museum shows the impact of the Armenian refugees on the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia - an atheist organization based out of the Islamic Turkish territory.

Many of the pictures in the Armenian Museum may be violent or upsetting. Parents may be advised not to bring young children to the museum.

The museum is open Monday through Saturdays, 9:30am-6:30pm.

The Armenian Museum is located on St. James Street, Old City, Jerusalem. There is a 5 Shekel admission fee.
Phone number: 972-2-6282331

Source: Armenian Library and Museum

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