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Museums in Jerusalem:
Shai Agnon House

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The Shai Agnon House is filled with permanent exhibitions on Agnon's life. Agnon, born in 1888 in the Ukraine, is one of the most famous Israeli authors. He is well known for his novel, Temol Shilshom, and for his collection of short stories, Sefer Hamaasim. His literature addresses the uncertainty of the survival of the State of Israel. In 1966, Agnon won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Even today, Agnon's works continue to have a major impact not only on Israeli society but on international society as well.

Displayed in his house are films about his life, collections of his works, and his original library.

The Shai Agnon Museum is located at 16 Klauzner Street, Jerusalem
Hours of Admission: Sunday through Thursday, 9am-1pm
There is an entrance fee of 15 Shekels
Phone number: 972-2-6716498

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