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The Knesset:
The Role of the Knesset Speaker

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The Knesset Speaker, elected by the plenum together with his deputies, in responsible for conducting the affairs of the Knesset. The Speaker also represents the Knesset externally, preserves its dignity, the decorum of its sittings and the observance of its Rules of Procedure.

The Speaker, or one of his deputies, presides over the sittings of the plenum, conducts them, puts resolutions to the vote and determines the results of these votes, as well as those in the elections for various state positions for which the plenum is responsible.

In the absence of the President of the State from the country, the Speaker acts in his place. The Speaker and Deputy Speakers together constitute the Knesset Presidium, which approves the tabling of private Members' bills and the urgency of Motions for the Agenda.

Sources: The Knesset

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