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Israel Cabinet Ministries:
Ministry of Social Affairs

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2 Kaplan St., Qiryat Ben-Gurion
P.O. Box 915, 91008 Jerusalem
Tel. (02) 6752311

(Source: Israel Government Year Book)

Website: (Hebrew)

Functions and Structure

The Ministry aspires to assure individual opportunity, provides services promoting individuals' personal and socioeconomic well-being, promotes and advances communities, and sponsors legislation for the development of the social-security system.

The Ministry helps rehabilitate individuals and families in order to free them from dependency. The social services deal with the needy, the disabled, the elderly, the ill, children, teenagers, and the working poor. Services for the unemployed and their families maximize their prospects of rejoining the labor force upon the resumption of economic growth and ensure the sound functioning of low-income families, in order to prevent the exacerbation of personal and economic hardship.

The Ministry delivers services in all these spheres through its own agencies and through local authorities, public institutions, and volunteers.

Sources: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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