Israel to Elect New President in July 2000

(June 26, 2000)

The President, Israel's head of state, is elected by a majority of the Knesset in a secret ballot. The President discharges state duties as prescribed by the Basic Law: President of the State, and other laws.

Ezer Weizman, Israel's seventh president, who was sworn into office on May 13, 1993, has announced that he will resign on July 10.

The Knesset will convene in special session on July 31, 2000 to elect the new president, who must be elected by a majority of 61 votes. MKs Shimon Peres and Moshe Katsav have announced that they will stand for election.

The new president will be sworn in on August 1 - for the first time, for a seven-year term.

Source: Israeli Foreign Ministry