Turkey and Israel Agree to Start Works on Pipeline Project

(July 2008)

Turkey and Israel agreed to start to feasibility studies on the Mediterranean Pipeline Project (Medstream) that would consist of five pipelines that would carry water, natural gas, oil, electricity and fibreoptics from Turkey’s Mediterranean coast to Israel. The pipeline could carry at least 40 million tons of oil annually. India will also be included in the project and a tripartite meeting will be held with the participation of Turkish, Israeli and Indian officials. The oil pipeline is seen as an important step to reducing the time it takes to transport crude oil to eastern Asia. According to the most elaborate part of the proposal, the oil sent to Israel from Turkey would then be transferred by tankers to the Far East, including to India, China and South Korea. The water transferred by the pipeline are seen as earmark for Israel as well as for the Palestinian territories and Jordan, who are all suffering from chronic water shortages.

Source: “Turkey-Israel agree to start works on pipeline project,” Hurriyet English (July 2008).