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Micronesia-Israel Relations

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Throughout the history of the United Nations General Assembly, there has always been an "automatic majority" against Israel. The United States has consistently opposed unbalanced anti-Israel resolutions and, in recent years, one other nation has joined Israel’s defense — Micronesia. Why has Micronesia, a tiny North Pacific island, been such a close supporter of Israel?

The foreign policy goals of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) are primarily linked to achieving economic development and protecting their vast marine environment. Israel was one of the first to welcome the FSM into the family of nations, even before the FSM became a member of the U.N. According to the FSM U.N. deputy ambassador, Micronesia has since sought close bilateral relations with Israel in areas such as agriculture, technical training and health care training.

Israel has assisted the FSM in its early development. As one Micronesian diplomat said, "We need Israeli expertise, so I don’t see a change in our policy anytime soon."

Sources: Israfax, Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, September 7, 1998.

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